TPTR is designed for parents of students in elementary and middle school who are struggling to read. The website provides tips on basic and advanced study skills as well as tutorial tips. The website also offers parents an opportunity to improve their interaction with their children while they study. These self-paced courses are available to parents through a separate login. The parents receive personalized instruction as apprentices with an online mentor. Watch the video below. To inquire about this program, please click on the button BOOK NOW for a free consultation.

About the Author

My name is Maritza Aviles de Garcia.  I was born in San Juan, Puerto Rico, 39 years ago. We moved to Austin, Texas before I was a year old. In other words, I got here as fast as I could and I've lived here ever since, apart from a few exceptions.

I consider myself "Texa-Rican," a label I coined to explain my cultural upbringing. My students call me Ms. Maritza, Ms. Garcia, or Teacher Mari, depending on the student's cultural background. 

I have lived in Dallas for twenty-four years.  I graduated from Irving High School in Irving, Texas. I've attended North Lake College, the University of North Texas, the University of Texas at Arlington, and Dallas Baptist University. 

I was a student teacher and substitute teacher in bilingual and ESL classrooms for two years following my post-graduate studies at Dallas Baptist University.  I have been working as a tutor professionally for nearly five years.  During that time, I have worked with all age groups.


My tutoring services include helping elementary and middle school students with homework, projects, and academic mentorship through the use of Learning Contracts.



For Spanish and ESL students, I have offered conversational practice and guided reading practice. 



Please click on the button "BOOK NOW" or send a message below to learn more about tutorial sessions.


Parents have the opportunity to become more involved in their children's academic development.


Courses offered include Tutorial Basics, Study Skills, and Reading Strategies. These courses are only available online, personalized, and self-paced. You will receive feedback from a mentor. 


Please click on the button "BOOK NOW" to schedule a free consultation or send a message below



Dallas, TX 75249​​

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