Organization is the key to success. Organization helps us with time management and study skills. If we can find our notes, we can study them. If we bring home our homework due the next day, we have a fighting chance to complete it. This page will cover strategies for organization, suggested readings, and key terms.

Strategies & Tips
  • Maintain an organized homework binder. Check it every Monday or Friday to remove the papers that are completed and review the new assignments.

  • Keep a homework journal. Take it to every class to write down the assignments and their due dates. Bring it home with the homework binder. Review your homework journal every evening.​

  • Maintain a planner at home of all the extracurricular activities and long-term assignments. Both parents and students will use this planner.​

  • If you are very creative, do not multitask. Work on one assignment at a time from start to finish.

Suggested Reading​

That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week: Helping Disorganized Boys Succeed in School and Life

Ana Homayoun is an author, educator, public speaker, and educational consultant. She has a Masters in Counseling and Pupil Personnel Services Credential from Duke University. 

From the Publisher

"That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week provides an innovative and practical approach to helping boys find success. Ana Homayoun presents straightforward, easily implementable solutions that will help transform the lives of boys and parents. A wonderful read!"

-Michael Gurian, author of The Wonder of Boys and The Minds of Boys

"Filled with practical advice for the parents of disorganized boys (and that's an awful lot of young boys), Ana Homayoun's That Crumpled Paper Was Due Last Week teaches us how to help our sons navigate through a school environment that is less than kind to distracted and disorganized young men.

-Madeline Levine, Ph.D., Author of The Price of Privledge

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