Study skills are life skills. They help us prepare for many activities especially for learning something new or reviewing what you've already learned. On this web page you will find strategies and tips for studying followed by suggested readings and dictionary terms. A strategy is a plan of action designed to achieve a goal. Study skills take time to develop. Add one skill at a time to your study routine every evening. Within a week you should begin to notice positive results.


Begin by choosing a time to study every evening. Designate a place to study. At the study area, turn off or remove electronic devices to eliminate distractions, except for devices that are necessary for study like the computer or a calculator (one separate from the phone). Sit with your young student during this hour of study. While your child does homework, you check the homework folder or other assignments. Once the child has completed the homework for the evening, read a book together. This may already be a homework assignment. The following is a list of additional strategies and tips for studying.

Strategies and Tips

Reading from a Textbook

June 18, 2017

Survey the text before reading.

-Read the headings and subheadings.


-Look at the photos, graphs, diagrams, maps, and their captions.​

-Look for terms in bold and their definitions.

Checking Homework

June 18, 2017

The student begins by reading instructions (if old enough to read aloud).


Make sure the student understands the instructions and all the steps.


Once the student completes the assignment, ask the student if all the steps were completed per the instructions.

Reviewing for a Test

June 18, 2017

TIP: Create flash cards from the vocabulary.

-Use index cards. Write a question on one card and write the answer on another card.

-The student matches the cards.

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Working Together

Students developing study skills at home need to know that this is part of their routine, their academic success. A parent or caregiver needs to be involved in the process of completing homework. Parental involvement emphasizes the importance of developing a culture of education at home. 

"The smallest school in America is the family."

                                                    -John Gardner

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