Time Management will cut down your study time from hours spent completing one assignment to maybe just one hour depending on the assignment. This page will cover strategies for organization, suggested readings, and key terms. Please see the video below.

Summary of Strategies from Video

The video offers a few strategies to improve the quality of time spent on homework. Implement these strategies to cut down on the time you spend doing homework. You'll find you have time for other activities in the evening.


  • The first strategy is to schedule a time for homework every night just like all your other extracurricular activities. Make sure you have a timer or a clock with you to keep track of time.

  • Once homework starts, take a break about 15 minutes later. The breaks should be about one to 5 minutes long. Breaks may include a bathroom visit, a snack, or a beverage such as juice or water.

  • Also, stick to the routine until the homework is complete.

  • Minimize distractions. For example, turn off your cell phone or TV.

  • Plan ahead. Make sure you have all your assignments with you and choose the hardest one to do first. Be prepared. If you're going to need scissors and glue, find those items before you begin.

Photo: Maritza Aviles de Garcia tutoring a student using a RazKids.com printed story and questions created using Bloom's Taxonomy. All the students who receive reading tutorials have access to RazKids as an online learning resource.

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